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The Independent artist spotlight show, broadcast 63 - Jared's personal journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jared Rimer

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The Independent artist spotlight show, broadcast 63 [Nov. 4th, 2018|09:33 am]
Jared Rimer
Hi all,

We're having some issues with the Independent artist spotlight on the duel feed, but it is available on the single feed and I'm going to do some investigation today as well as doing some other stuff today. In the meantime, Mixcloud will be updated a bit later on too.

Below, please find out links and playlists for today's posting fof show 63.

On this edition of the program, we feature Cleveland Wehle from CD Baby. We have several albums from this collection, so we'll play some from what we have. Enjoy the program!

Set 1:
dammerson vaughan The Door 02:11
DP Kaufman They're Chasing a Feeling 04:03
Justin Johnson Underwater Stroll 04:29
Puchi Colon This Christmas 03:40
The Quebe Sisters Band Don't Let The Deal Go Down 02:23
Velma Frye Being Awake! 01:54
Will Martina Casuarina Sands 06:55

Set 2:
------------- Hour Marker ------------- 1300 (1pm 11/3/2018)
Cleveland Wehle Anne's Pleasure (Prologue) 15:31
Cleveland Wehle Blue Morning 20:05
Jim Wilson Beside the River of Dreams 05:39
Mateo Stoneman La Mentira 03:25
Sjel Hope's Song 06:25

Set 3
Oliostere Polymorphisme 05:17
Ozzie Cruse Them Who Aren't 03:12
Cleveland Wehle Inferi Dii 09:01
Cleveland Wehle Do Androids Dream? 09:21
Passamezzo Dialogue Betwen The Angel and Shepherds 03:32
David Youngman Marieta 02:39
Cleveland Wehle Three Sisters 07:30
Elizabeth Byrd: Cellist - Breath and the Chakras Throat - willpower and choice, dolphin energy (G tonal center) 04:35
Cleveland Wehle Twilight Blue 10:56

Set 4:
Blue Cranes Broken Windmills 04:13
Cleveland Wehle Mother and Child 05:56
Cleveland Wehle Pastoral Lament 05:53
Cleveland Wehle When Gods Make Love 05:02
Cleveland Wehle When Gods Make Love (Reprise) 11:56
David Carnes Cathy's Theme 02:06
Ozzie Cruse Temporary Nights of the Ox 03:19
Paul Avgerinos Rivers Of Love 03:49
Phil Rey And then came a Knight 02:39

This completes the program. I hope you enjoyed the program's music, and I'm hoping to be back for another show next time.