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The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 69 - Jared's personal journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Jared Rimer

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The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 69 [Jan. 6th, 2019|03:36 pm]
Jared Rimer
Broadcast 69 of the spotlight was released on the single feed and the the duel feed. This show is also on mixcloud as well.

Below, please find the playlist of the show.

On broadcast 69, we are going to play material that I've not played in quite awhile, and we talk about them. We've also got some new material from old and new artists, and one of them was by recommendation. We will talk about her and link to her web site and Band Camp page when we feature her. In the meantime, I am happy you joined me for this 69th broadcast, as we travel around the world.

Set 1:
Thursday Group Oaks 04:39
tilopa el corazon canta 05:45
Ty Burhoe Freedom Jazz Dance--Bill Douglas - Ty Burhoe - Kai Eckhardt 03:32
Thomas Lord, You Have Been Our Dwelling Place 02:28
Suchita Parte Vedasarshivastava 09:12

Set 2:
Alex McCartney Suite in D minor (Gigue) (Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe)-Alex McCartney - Laszlo Rozsa 01:46
Barbara Leoni Human needs 05:20
Chad Farran Touchdown in Madras 01:24
Barry Phillips Vallåt från Lima 00:57
Ben Rusch Chic Jig 02:29
Brigitte Meuwsen Gap Girl 03:33
Chad Farran Like Water 06:48
Chris Harvey Elation sedation 05:27
Colin Booth Suite In C Minor, Gigue (JS Bach) 02:35

Set 3:
Michelle Qureshi is a new artist to our collection. Found through a recommendation of Scott Lawlor after buying some of Scott's material, I fell in love with the album we've got. The album is entitled Meditation, and is 10 tracks long. She's got a Bandcamp and wwebsite for you to link to. I hope you'll enjoy this artist as much as I have finding her.
Nuform First Kiss 03:33
Nick Kingsley Heatwave 04:03
The Ranchhands Hillbilly Groove On 04:12
Mystified Eldritch 06:41
Michelle Qureshi Afternoon Evolving 09:50
The Celtic Reggae Revolution You've Got To Laugh 03:10
the glimmer room Hawfrost 04:53
The Ranchhands Honky Tonk Place To Be 03:11
Michelle Qureshi The Walkabout 04:16
The West Exit Gravity And Velocity 04:05
Thursday Next Sufferkate 04:56
Michelle Qureshi Shivasana 09:14
Scott Lawlor come and free the prisoners of darkness 21:12