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This Saturday on the spotlight

This Saturday while I was listening to this past Sundays show, I was asked if I'd feature one of the best acappella groups I've ever run in to. Peter Hollens and it'll be my pleasure! I featured several of the tracks from the Christmas album on the Sunday show number 220, but for the holidays, I'm bringing it full circle. If we can pull this off, I'm going to do a Peter Hollens tribute, and I hope you can join me.

The fun will start Saturday, 3 CT, 1 PT right here on the mix.

Hope to see you then!

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Cancer always wins


As people celebrate the holidays this year, I was on a forum looking around. Just today, someone in this world will not be celebrating as they have lost someone and posted it to this forum due to cancer. I know from experience that cancer does win in the end at some point. According to the post i read on this forum, it was only diagnosed 8 months ago, and gone. My experience was about 8 to 9 months. For those who say that I'm heartless and post my experience and offer my phone number to talk don't know what it is actually like.

Just this month, someone I know of wanted some time off due to this exact situation, diagnosis of cancer. I offered an email back offering my support and mentioning what I've gone through.

While I posted that I hoped it wasn't going to be that way, I was asked why I was so selfish and negative. Live in someone's shoes who has experienced the fact that treatment goes only so far.

Someone, every day will not live to see another holiday.

I don't want to celebrate either this year. I was told there was no thanksgiving in the traditional sense this year and thats fine by me.

Since it'll be raining, I'd rather stay in, cook up this ground turkey I baught, and call that my turkey dinner. I understand what this person I read today is going through. Its not fun, its hard. Very hard.

If you're celebrating this year, please celebrate responsibly, and be safe.

Thanks for reading!

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Braille Transcription With Braille2000 As A Blind Person, Braille Transcription With Braille2000 As A Blind Person, has continued to have growing pains. I in perusing the site found that I didn't close a link, therefore, showing sets that were not links. This has been fixed.

Please check out the new site on a domain that is almost 10. I'm happy to have a new project on it, and I want people to check it out and learn something new.

Updated RSS on shows

Both sets of shows, the single feed and the duel feed have been updated with shows from the last couple of weeks. They were updated this morning.

  • Broadcasts 97 and 98 of the spotlight

  • broadcasts 219-20 of the regular show

I'll try and send some playlists out very soon.

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