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The Independent artist show, broadcast 231

Broadcast 231 can be found on RSS and Mixcloud feeds. Below, please find the playlist.

On podcast 231, we're open for topics, and playing a wide variety of tunes.

Set 1:
------------- Hour Marker -------------, 1000 (10am 2/16/2020)
Opened Paradise, Opened Paradise
Philipp Weigl, Strangers
Rana, Waterbabies

Set 2:
Love Amplifier, Assimilation
Will Diehl, Mindless of Dying
Ty Causey, Love Call
The Modern Savage, Bitter Pill
Stuart Hamm, Big Roller
Love Amplifier, Echo Tech

Set 3:
Daria, This Little Light Of Mine
Alan Marchand, Los Guaracheros
ANDROMEDA, Dance With Me
Adriano Fontana, 13 Forse
Earlyguard, Wrong Expectations
Keith Hinton, Acoustic Goofball Type Thing
Daria, Over In The Meadow
Beegie Adair, Body and Soul
Brett Vogel, Two Times the Killer

Set 4:
Aitua, Energy
Optimal Tunes, Ghosts of the Sea
Norine Braun, Dreams
Music of the Spheres, Adagio-Presto-Adagio from Sonata I in D minor from Sonates pour le Viollon (1707) (Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre)
Brainvoyager, Floating Through Colorful Realms

Set 5:
This is going to be a short two track set. I talked about an artist playing a different instrument but I found the one, I believe. This short set will complete the show, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.
Suchitra Lata, Ocean Lilt
Superdirt2, Drops

--end of program--

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The Independent artist spotlight, broadcast 109: To Life!

On the spotlight, To Life! is the featured artist. We play tracks from the two albums, and we also play a wide variety of tunes too.

Also on the program, a very disturbing story I found on CNN through a retweet, and I link to that and find some tunes to fit this story.

Besides that, we've got tons of stuff in this packed program. I ended early as usual, between 4 and 4:30 to give room for people to enjoy the programming elsewhere along the network along our various servers.

Our podcast directory on the Mix has links to the various podcast feeds for this and my sunday show, and you can find them and other podcasts that might be of interest to you.

Below, please find the notations, and don't forget to check my mixcloud for this and any other program. Thanks for listening!

Today, we travel to California. To Life! is the artist, and they've got two albums we'll talk about. We'll catch people up with stuff too.

I really enjoy this group, and I'm hoping they are to release more albums.

Have you heard this group? Let me know what you think! Use the contact the DJ's page to get in touch with me or any other DJ that is listed there.

Set 1:
Adam Fielding, The Same Mistakes
Alan Rinehart, Pavana (Alonso Mudarra)
Amfibia, Helios

Set 2:
Paolo Pavan, Talking About Petra
Peggy Duquesnel, Wingin' It
Philipp Weigl, Wild Horses
To Life!, Song To Welcome The Family Home Song

Set 3:
To Life!, Sahala Ala Dit
Tilopa, Shakuhachi Shrutibox
Tokee, Futureshock

Set 4:
Takashi Matsuishi Spark, Partita a moll fur Flute allein BWV1013 4 bourree anglaise (JS Bach)
Tatyana Kalmykova, Kak Po Morju
To Life!, Frog Journey
Acappella, Victory In Jesus
To Life!, Written

Set 5:
To Life!, It's Alive
To Life!, A New Age Has Begun
To Life!, Sun Song
Thursday Group, Turtle Spin
The West Exit, The Bank Guard

Set 6:
To Life!, Africa
Tom Paul, Time to Get Real
To Life!, To The Mirror
Toni Iniguez, Dragonflies
Trip Wamsley, Becoming
Tiny Little Blackouts, You're Too Nice
Thursday Next, The Calm Before
To Life!, Chaosophy
Thursday Group, Oaks

Set 7:
The reason for the next two songs, that start this set, has to do with this CNN A Florida man attacked his daughter and her teen sister with a machete, police say which was updated February 15, 5:10 ET. You bone head!
CrimsonFaced, Blameless
CrimsonFaced, Crazy
OGMA, Jasmine's Song
Piotr Janeczek, Hymn to our Beautiful World (Epic Final)
Psycliq, Whether or Not
Rana, One More Night

This will complete today's show. I hope you enjoyed today's show, and if you're listening on the podcast, do make that connection. Thanks for your continued support. See you in two weeks, no show on the 22nd. Next scheduled show will be the 29th.

The bonehead award of valentines

I posted this note for my playlist of today's show. The reason? Some guy decides to go ahead and do some crazy stuff.

The reason for the next two songs, that start this set, has to do with this CNN A Florida man attacked his daughter and her teen sister with a machete, police say which was updated February 15, 5:10 ET. You bone head!

The two tracks I dedicate to this bonehead are:

CrimsonFaced, Blameless
CrimsonFaced, Crazy

You bonehead! Hope you figure out and tell investigators why you did this on Valentines day, a day for couples to share love, even if they are separated for whatever the reason is.

The full notations of today's show will be sent when I release the show, but boy, I just had to share the biggest bonehead award I found today.

Have a great one, dude.

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  • Fri, 07:21: Cyber scoop Pentagon, FBI, DHS to jointly expose a North Korean hacking effort: The Pentagon, FBI, and Department o…
  • Fri, 08:31: Trend Labs Security LokiBot Impersonates Popular Game Launcher and Drops Compiled C# Code File: Recently, we discov…
  • Fri, 11:41: Last Pass presents The Data Breach Ripple Effect: In every walk of life there are warnings informing us of prevent

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  • Tue, 13:07: RT @jrimer2008: tech blog Hackers are hijacking smart building access systems to launch DDoS attacks: Sans News Bites is out, and this firs…
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